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Parish Council Meetings

Aldercar & Langley Mill Parish Council holds Parish Council Meetings once a month. They are usually held on the fourth Thursday of each month and commence at 6:30 pm. The meeting will finish at 9:00 pm or before in accordance with Council Standing Orders. The meetings are held at the Parish Council Offices which are located at Langley Mill Business Centre, Amber Drive, Langley Mill, Derbyshire, NG16  4BE.

The dates and times of the meetings may vary from time to time, so please check the Agendas which are shown on the website and Parish Council Noticeboards for confirmation of the exact date and time.

Agendas for each meeting will usually be available to view on the website a week before the meeting date, together with the unadopted Minutes from the previous meeting. Unadopted Minutes do not become an official record until approved by the Parish Council.

2021 Meetings

DateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutes
January 2021MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
February 2021MonthlyRead / Print
March 2021Monthly
April 2021Monthly
May 2021Annual
May 2021Monthly
June 2021Monthly
July 2021Monthly
August 2021N/ANo MeetingNo Meeting
September 2021Monthly
October 2021Monthly
November 2021Monthly
December 2021N/ANo MeetingNo Meeting

2020 Meetings

DateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutes
20th January 2020MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
February 2020MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
26th March 2020MonthlyCANCELLEDCANCELLED
27th May 2020Monthly By zoom remote @ 6:30pmRead / PrintRead / Print
June 2020Monthly
July 2020MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
August 2020N/ANo MeetingNo Meeting
September 2020MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
October 2020MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
November 2020MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
December 2020N/ANo MeetingNo Meeting

2019 Meetings

DateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutes
24th January 2019MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
28th February 2019MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
28th March 2019MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
18th April 2019MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
16th May 2019Annual Read / PrintRead / Print
16th May 2019MonthlyRead Print
27th June 2019MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
July 2019MonthlyCancelledCancelled
August 2019N/ANo MeetingNo Meeting
26th September 2019MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
24th October 2019MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
November 2019MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
December 2019N/ANo MeetingNo Meeting

2018 Meetings

DateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutes
25th January 2018MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
22nd February 2018MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
22nd March 2018MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
26th April 2018MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
26th April 2018Annual
24th May 2018MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
28th June 2018MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
26th July 2018MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
August 2018N/ANo MeetingNo Meeting
27th September 2018MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
25th October 2018MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
22nd November 2018MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
December 2018N/ANo MeetingNo Meeting

2017 Meetings

DateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutes
26th January 2017MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
23rd February 2017MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
23rd March 2017MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
27th April 2017MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
27th April 2017AnnualRead / PrintRead / Print
25th May 2017MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
22nd June 2017MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
27th July 2017MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
August 2017N/ANo MeetingNo Meeting
28th September 2017MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
26th October 2017MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
23rd November 2017MonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
December 2017N/ANo MeetingNo Meeting

2016 Meetings

DateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutes
JanuaryMonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
FebruaryMonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
MarchMonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
AprilMonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
AprilAnnualRead / PrintRead / Print
26th MayMonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
23rd JuneMonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
28th JulyMonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
AugustN/ANo MeetingNo Meeting
22nd SeptemberMonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
11th OctoberExtraordinaryRead / PrintRead / Print
27th OctoberMonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
24th NovemberMonthlyRead / PrintRead / Print
DecemberN/ANo MeetingNo Meeting

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