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The Parish Council at present rents office space in an office block on Amber Drive in Langley Mill (The Langley Mill Business Centre).
The Council now has the opportunity to purchase the freehold of an office building in Langley Mill but before we take that step the Council would like to consult residents on their views. After all it is your money (from the Council tax precept) that would be used.
You can help by answering the question below and returning this form to the Council Offices with any further views by 28 November 2018.
The purchase of our own building would be funded from reserves and by a mortgage or loan and at present there are no plans to increase the precept in order to fund the purchase. The Council is satisfied that it has sufficient funding in place to cover the running and future maintenance of the building.
The Council’s existing rent/rates commitments would be fairly comparable to the mortgage/loan payments to purchase a building and at the end of the loan the Community would have an asset of considerable value.
The Council may also be able to provide facilities for community use and office space for rent to local businesses. Any income from this would offset any additional expense.

You can download the consultation form HERE