01773 717 119 clerk@almpc.co.uk

HELP US AND EARN Here at Aldercar & Langley Mill Parish Council we are looking for help in distributing the Parish Magazine around the Parish. Maybe you can assist?

Are you in a position to deliver, say 600 or more magazines to homes and businesses for us in your spare time? We don’t expect you to do it for nothing and will remunerate you at a fair rate for your effort. Presently that rate is 12p for each magazine delivered.

The magazine is published on a quarterly basis (i.e. once every three months) and needs to be distributed to every household and business in the Parish. We print 2,600 of the magazines, so there is plenty to go at for anyone interested.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to help us out, then please contact the Clerk to the Council, Andrew Sharpe at Aldercar & Langley Mill Parish Council, Langley Mill Business Centre, Amber Drive, Langley Mill, Derbyshire, NG16 4BE.

Email: clerk@almpc.co.uk Telephone: 01773 717 119 or 07949 646 000